A New Utopia


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The issue with today’s society
is that our priorities are all
wrong. Instead of concentrating
on what’s really important,
we focus on individuals,
minority groups and their
choices. It shouldn’t matter
what someone looks like or
who they love as long as
they are good people.
When the end is near, when
the apocalypse hits us, all
of the other things
won’t matter anymore.

that’s why we need
a new utopia.

Published: Vulkan Magazine

Story by Marion Bracqué & Marie Van Puyenbroeck

Styling: Marie Van Puyenbroeck
Photography: Marion Bracqué
Models: Thaïs - Sarah - Thomas - Gijs - Jan
The Agent

Muah: Sanne Schoofs from The Artist Office / Dorien Reyntjens

Designers: Jivika Biervliet / Janina Volkmer / Luigi Milletari